Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have a problem

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about men and facial hair. I love it! I love it so much that part of my husbands wedding vow was that he would never shave his beard off. (Okay, I kid.)
I know I am part of a minority when it comes to the clean shaven vs scruff debate, but I didn't think anything of it....until tonight.
I just saw a commercial for the new Adam Sandler movie You Don't Mess with the Zohan and I thought he looked cute! Adam Sandler! The man who admits to having the most egg-shaped head around! How did a hair cut and a beard make me think he looks hot?!
This isn't the first time this had happened. I once saw a SNL retrospective and thought David Spade was cute!
Obviously, the problem is me. I have become so obsessed with facial hair that I now think any man with a bit of scruff on his face is yummy. There has got to be a 12 step program for this, right? Oh, I'm in trouble!

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