Monday, March 31, 2008

Laundry - our little secret

Okay, here's something I have noticed. Laundry is a pretty easy task. You divide dirty clothes into piles, throw a pile in the machine and walk away. You come back later to throw another pile in the machine and walk away. You sit down and fold clothes while chatting on the phone or watching tv. All easy stuff. Laundry can take all day, but really it's just because you're waiting for a machine to finish.
Here's another thing I have noticed.......Men have no idea how easy laundry is! If you say you have spent the whole day doing laundry (which isn't a lie) they think you've been working away all day! Not really. I mean, I'm writing this blog while doing laundry. Oh, wait a second.....had to throw my last load in the wash. That took all of 1 minute!
I have done other things today like tidying up the house, so it will have the illusion of clean when my darling husband walks through the door tonight. And considering I have just spent the last two day sick in bed that is pretty damn good.
Well, I should end this. I now have laundry to fold and....crap...I just remembered I have to unload the dishwasher!

Monday, March 3, 2008

tied in knots

In about five days our family is going on a cruise. Whenever anyone asks me about it they always ask if I'm excited.....I will be, but not right now. Right now I am so stressed that I have a constant headache and have the ability to cry at the drop of a hat. Why? Because I am the person with the job of getting 4 people ready for this wonderful trip. I am packing for four people. I am trying to be prepared for any problems that might arise. I am getting the dog ready for staying at my mom's for the week. I am arranging doctor's appointments for two kiddies who have just now come down with a cold. I am doing all of this while still doing all the everyday things that come with life.
I'm tired. I'm not sleeping. I am stressed.
I will be fine once we all board the cruise ship and settle in. Until then.......well, wish me luck.