Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeding my right brain

Today I dropped the kids off at school, went and got my haircut, spent some time at a bookstore picking up some books for a future vacation, watched "Stardust", picked up the kids from school, made them leftover pizza for dinner, sent them off to a church program and then watched "3:10 to Yuma". Now I am on the computer listening to Sara Bareilles and writing a new post on my blog. Not a bad day if you ask me.
Sure, there's laundry to fold, bathrooms to clean, dishes to wash, etc, but today I did not care. Today I was selfish.
I needed to get lost in a movie....twice. I needed to get excited over the prospect of a new book. I needed to feed that right brain that just asks for something creative. To appreciate art in every form it comes in.
Tomorrow I'll wake up to an alarm. I'll be in full-on homemaker mode with a second title of daycare provider. I'll be playing referee to either twin 4 year olds or twin 2 year olds. I'll be folding laundry. I'll be in a constant tidy-up mode.
But was all about me.........and it felt damn good!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My 4 year old twins are in their first year of school. They are in a school where they are with the same teacher for both JK and SK, but their teacher was on mat leave since last April and has just come back this January. So, they started September with a substitute teacher who was supposed to be with us until the Christmas break. Well, another teacher in the school (gr. 4) went on mat leave in November and this substitute teacher was offered to fill in for that mat leave starting asap. This meant we had a substitute-substitute teacher for the end of November and all of December. So, in the first 4 months of my kids' school career they have had 3 teachers!
I have a problem with this. I have a problem with the fact that I as a parent once again have to get to know yet another teacher. I can accept that this is their permanent teacher and she is trying to get the kids onto her schedule and her way of teacher, but, whether she likes it or not, this is my kids' THIRD teacher this year! They don't know her at all and neither do I.
I guess this rant all came about as I was quickly called over while picking the kids up from school on Wednesday to be told that Stewart (my son) was having some temper tantrums in school. Her definition was crying over not being picked. Now, this was a two-second conversation as I was trying to keep hold of my two kids as well as my two daycare kids (2 year old twins) at the time and I really didn't have time to talk. When I said that didn't seem like Stewart she said that Abby (my daughter) says he has done that before.
First off, why are you talking to a 4 year old about her brother's behavior?
Second, anyone who knows Stewart would be very surprised to hear that he had a temper tantrum. It's not in his nature. He is an emotional boy and I can totally see him crying over not being picked...that is something we are working on....but I consider temper tantrums to have some base in anger and that is not Stewart at all. He becomes sad. Stewart has cried the same way since he was born and that is complete and utter heartbreak. He is a loud crier and whether he is physically hurt or emotionally hurt he cries the same way.
So, I guess I am a little pissed off that in January I have to have a discussion with the teacher about my son's temperaments. This is a discussion I should have had...and I think I might have...back in October. Not now.
We'll see if I have more to write tomorrow after I get to chat with her.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am sad today. Heath Ledger has died at the young age of 28. And even more sad he has left behind a little 2 year old daughter.
According to my brother I'm really not supposed to be sad. "That's what their all like. They're nothing like you see on TV. They're all just a bunch of drug addicts." How he knows this I have no clue. I think it all comes down to being a cop and being hardened by death. He just doesn't care anymore.
Me, I'm the opposite. I'm the sensitive one who, somebody once said, "looks at the world through rose coloured glasses". That may be true. All I know is I didn't see this one coming. And I don't think anyone did, as you see the sadness and shock from everyone in the entertainment world reacting to it.
Tragic and sad is all I can say about this. He might not have cured cancer or won a Nobel prize, but the world lost a talented actor yesterday....and a little girl named Matilda lost her daddy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

first entry

Well, I guess everyone has a first entry and this is mine. You start a blog with a tonne of things to say, but where do you start? Do you give a background by saying where your life has been going? Or do you pretty much to start mid-sentence and do the explaining as you go along?
My usual conversation preference is to pretty much start mid-sentence, so I guess that is what I am going to do here.
First off, let me start by apologising for all spelling and grammatical errors. I may have majored in English in university and did a course on publishing, but editing was never my strong suit......but I can analyse the hell out of any piece of literature you throw my way!
I've started this mostly just to write down the inner monologue that seems to constantly be playing in my head? Am I the only one who has this? I mean, meditation is something that I just can't achieve. To stop the thoughts rushing through my head long enough to be in the moment seems impossible. There is always something to think about whether it be simple tasks of both a mother and wife or just pondering life. Seriously, how can I be expected to stay silent?
So, here I am writing things down in hopes that maybe the thoughts that keep running around my head like an intricate freeway system might slow down just a little....and maybe become more of a four lane highway.
From me to you this is a sincere "welcome".