Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have always had a distinct memory of being read a specific book in grade one at Lord Roberts Public School. I remember sitting in the library and although I never knew the entire story I knew enough how it went. It was about a boy who went for a sleepover, but didn't want to bring his teddy bear because he was afraid his friend would laugh at him. I know there have been many versions of this specific story, but this one was the original.
Well, for umm 29 years now I have had that story in the back of my head. Here and there trying to search for it, but since I had no title or author I had no luck.
Today, I was at my kids' school library volunteering like I do and there sitting on top of a shelf was "Ira Sleeps Over" by Bernard Waber. The moment I saw it I knew that was the book!!! Obviously I took it out to read it to my kids.
The search is over!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thoughts running through my head right now.....

*I really like the word "twitterpated" :)

*I should go to bed.

*My shoulders really hurt from plunging that toilet today!

*I think you're avoiding me.

*I need to lose weight.

*I miss adult conversation about nothing.

*I need to go shopping tomorrow.

*I wonder if I'm going to be able to get a good picture of the kiddies for the Christmas card this year.

*I just want to skip Halloween and go straight to Christmas.

*I miss school. I want to study something.

*I need to lose weight.

*I miss you. :(

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The belt

When Stew was around 2 my friend Simon gave Stewart one of his old belts that he had when he was a kid. It's a nylon belt that had a big plastic buckle on it. He gave it to Stew because (at the time) Stewart was fascinated with plastic buckles of any seat buckles, high chair buckles you name it.

Well, Stew would play with it here and there, but basically it lived in his closet. That is, until this week. For the last 5 nights Stewart has been wearing the belt to bed. Yup, to bed. He's also worn it around during the day, but he always has to make sure he has it on when he goes to bed. I have no idea why this is! Does it has some special super power that helps you sleep at night? Has it become a new comfort item for him? (Forget the stuffed Curious George...make sure the belt is on!) He put it on the night before he turned 5 and has worn it every night since!

Anyway, I'm perplexed. I have no idea how long this will go on, but from here on out I will be on "belt watch".

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A conversation

Cole: "I really want to see Eagle Eye."

Joe: "Why?"

Cole: "Because it looks good."

Joe: "I don't think so."

Cole: "I heard it was really good."

Joe: "I don't think so."

Cole "It is! I really want to see it!"

Joe: "Why?"

Cole: "Okay, because Shia's all scruffy in it and I like scruffy."

Joe: "He's a kid."

Cole: "He is not."

Joe: "He's a kid!"

Cole: "He is not! He's 21."

Joe: "Cole, that's a kid."

Cole: "Argh!"