Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nothing on tv

I think my husband is loving the writers strike. Normally I am the one who has complete control of the remote and only sometimes does Joe get to watch what he wants on the "big tv". Now that there is absolutely nothing on tv he has been watching hockey game after hockey game without even an arguement from me. At first I didn't mind so much. There were always old shows to catch up on and even some movies to watch, but now....I'm bored.
I am not a fan of reality tv. I'm not into people making complete asses out of themselves just for money or a little bit of fame. And is it just more or now that we are into season 6 or 7 of whatever reality show we seem to be scraping the barrel for talent. I guess I am just tired of the same old thing.
The news is saying that the end is sight. It can't be soon enough for me!

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