Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeding my right brain

Today I dropped the kids off at school, went and got my haircut, spent some time at a bookstore picking up some books for a future vacation, watched "Stardust", picked up the kids from school, made them leftover pizza for dinner, sent them off to a church program and then watched "3:10 to Yuma". Now I am on the computer listening to Sara Bareilles and writing a new post on my blog. Not a bad day if you ask me.
Sure, there's laundry to fold, bathrooms to clean, dishes to wash, etc, but today I did not care. Today I was selfish.
I needed to get lost in a movie....twice. I needed to get excited over the prospect of a new book. I needed to feed that right brain that just asks for something creative. To appreciate art in every form it comes in.
Tomorrow I'll wake up to an alarm. I'll be in full-on homemaker mode with a second title of daycare provider. I'll be playing referee to either twin 4 year olds or twin 2 year olds. I'll be folding laundry. I'll be in a constant tidy-up mode.
But was all about me.........and it felt damn good!

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