Thursday, January 24, 2008


My 4 year old twins are in their first year of school. They are in a school where they are with the same teacher for both JK and SK, but their teacher was on mat leave since last April and has just come back this January. So, they started September with a substitute teacher who was supposed to be with us until the Christmas break. Well, another teacher in the school (gr. 4) went on mat leave in November and this substitute teacher was offered to fill in for that mat leave starting asap. This meant we had a substitute-substitute teacher for the end of November and all of December. So, in the first 4 months of my kids' school career they have had 3 teachers!
I have a problem with this. I have a problem with the fact that I as a parent once again have to get to know yet another teacher. I can accept that this is their permanent teacher and she is trying to get the kids onto her schedule and her way of teacher, but, whether she likes it or not, this is my kids' THIRD teacher this year! They don't know her at all and neither do I.
I guess this rant all came about as I was quickly called over while picking the kids up from school on Wednesday to be told that Stewart (my son) was having some temper tantrums in school. Her definition was crying over not being picked. Now, this was a two-second conversation as I was trying to keep hold of my two kids as well as my two daycare kids (2 year old twins) at the time and I really didn't have time to talk. When I said that didn't seem like Stewart she said that Abby (my daughter) says he has done that before.
First off, why are you talking to a 4 year old about her brother's behavior?
Second, anyone who knows Stewart would be very surprised to hear that he had a temper tantrum. It's not in his nature. He is an emotional boy and I can totally see him crying over not being picked...that is something we are working on....but I consider temper tantrums to have some base in anger and that is not Stewart at all. He becomes sad. Stewart has cried the same way since he was born and that is complete and utter heartbreak. He is a loud crier and whether he is physically hurt or emotionally hurt he cries the same way.
So, I guess I am a little pissed off that in January I have to have a discussion with the teacher about my son's temperaments. This is a discussion I should have had...and I think I might have...back in October. Not now.
We'll see if I have more to write tomorrow after I get to chat with her.

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