Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am sad today. Heath Ledger has died at the young age of 28. And even more sad he has left behind a little 2 year old daughter.
According to my brother I'm really not supposed to be sad. "That's what their all like. They're nothing like you see on TV. They're all just a bunch of drug addicts." How he knows this I have no clue. I think it all comes down to being a cop and being hardened by death. He just doesn't care anymore.
Me, I'm the opposite. I'm the sensitive one who, somebody once said, "looks at the world through rose coloured glasses". That may be true. All I know is I didn't see this one coming. And I don't think anyone did, as you see the sadness and shock from everyone in the entertainment world reacting to it.
Tragic and sad is all I can say about this. He might not have cured cancer or won a Nobel prize, but the world lost a talented actor yesterday....and a little girl named Matilda lost her daddy.

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