Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What do you think?

I have this weird habit. Every time I'm using the microwave (whether it be to pop popcorn, heat up a heating bag, or just reheating a meal) I use the allotted time as a timer. Instead of just standing in front of the microwave, waiting for what is in there to be done, I run around trying to get various tasks done before the time is up. I have actually perfected unloading a dishwasher in under 2 minutes. Getting lunches made for the next day, no problem! It's like a challenge.
Am I the only person out there who does this? I know no man ever does this as it is multitasking, but does any woman? I know, we don't stand still waiting for the microwave stop because, well, women hardly ever stand still, but does anyone else look at it as a challenge?
Okay, let me know.....and I already know I'm weird. That's a given. :)

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