Sunday, April 5, 2009

The answer

Fact: I do not have the time to go out and party, get drunk, etc.

Do I have people who would be happy to look after my children? Sure do!

Do I have a husband who is supportive of me having a night out? Yup!

So, why don't I go out? Because I have to pay for it the next day. I don't mean having a hangover because that's a given. I mean, I drink so little that I feel the effects of alcohol after about half a pomtini.

This is what I mean. One day of me not cleaning, tidying and general care of my house results in another full day's work of making up for it. For example, yesterday I spent the day downtown with Stew and then the whole family went over to my brother's for dinner. This morning I have woken up to a floor that desperately needs sweeping, 2 loads of laundry to fold, dirty dishes piled up in the sink, couches full of various backpacks, hats, mitts, etc, one kid who needs a bath, two kids who need to do homework, and two lunches that need to be made for tomorrow. Plus I have to run out this afternoon!
And I don't have a choice to leave it one extra day. My home is my place of work. I have daycare kids coming tomorrow. It must be done!
So, even if I have someone willing to take the kids for the night and Joe's fine with it. I can tell you now, even if I was able to sleep in the next day, I would still have to do all this work to get ready for the next day. And I know what you're thinking..."Why don't you do all of that before you go out?". Even if I did, at least half of it would reappear the next day!

That, to answer my lovely family's question, is why I do not go out and get royally pissed. I do not have the time. Sure if you had someone come over and look after my kids as well as tidy up the house I might consider it, but we all know I'd say no to that. Why? Because I cannot stand inconveniencing people and there's no way I'm gonna let someone else clean up my family's mess. So, thanks but no thanks.
I'll stick to my dinner or movie, or tea out with a friend. Maybe have a drink at the pub, but only one and not after midnight. ;)
My time is up. Breakfast is done. Must start tidying.

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