Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not a good day

Today was a bad mom day. One of those days where, by the time it ends you feel completely broken. Anyone who's a mom knows what that's like. You start your day off well, but it feels like no matter what you do there is someone there to mess it up.
My two were at each other's throats today. Everything was a battle. Nothing was easy and by the end of it I think they were sent into time out or to their room more than they were out of it. Then the last straw happened. Stewart wrecked a pinata that I had been making for his birthday on the weekend. This occurred while I was making dinner and my darling husband was having a 3 hour nap. At that point I lost it. I finished making dinner, actually dished it out for everyone but me, then went downstairs while they ate. What did I do? I vacuumed the freakin basement!!! With my ipod on so I could drown out the world but still.
Once everyone started coming downstairs because their dinner was done, I went up....to find a bunch of dishes just sitting on the counter. So, I opened up the fridge and started downing a Strongbow. Yup, it was either that or scream.
I hate days like this.

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