Sunday, January 11, 2009

Be a good neighbour!

The people at the north end of my street just moved in in the spring. This is their first winter on our street. So far they are not good neighbours. They are the last ones to shovel their sidewalk and now they are not even removing the pile of snow at the end of the sidewalk where the snowplow went by. This pile of snow has been there for over a week. This is becoming a safety hazard for me and the kids I look after...why? Because every time we walk to and from school I have to try and get my kids over this large and wide pile of snow onto the road to then cross it. This is not safe.
On Friday while walking home with my kids (on the road I might add because it was just easier then getting them to scale the snow pile) I finally ran into someone who lived in the house. I asked them very kindly to remove this snow pile because of it being a safety hazard. The young woman was very nice, said she understood, apologized and said it would be done. I told her as long as it's done by Monday I'm fine. It's still not done.
Now, I have to be a bitch, call the city, get it removed and then they will send them a bill for it. Fuck! I have 5 kids I have to walk to school tomorrow! Why are people such lazy assholes?! We have seniors on our street!
I hate being a bitch!
To be continued......

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