Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a night!!!

Since I have two posts on here about whether I was going to go to the George Michael concert, I only think it fits that I should now say how it was. To quote the man himself, it was "Amazing"!!!!!!!
First off, it was completely worth the price of admission and for all of those who wanted to go but were not willing to pay that missed out! It was like one giant dance party where everyone was there to have fun. I looked around the audience and you couldn't see anyone standing still...everyone was moving!
My seat was better than I thought it was. I was actually in shock at how good my seat was. Considering I had never been to the ACC before I really didn't know what to expect. It was a nice surprise. I sat down and went straight into a conversation with the people around me. It ended up the girl beside me was there by herself too. And the couple in front of us were so nice. Even though the show didn't start until 8:50 we were passing the time chatting.

For anyone wondering, here's the playlist for the night:
Air Canada Centre, 07/17/2008
First Half
Waiting (Reprise)
Fast Love/I'm Your Man
Father Figure
Hard Day
Everything She Wants
One More Try
Easier Affair
Too Funky
Star People

John & Elvis video

Second Half
Spinning The Wheel
Feeling Good
Kissing A Fool
Different Corner

Careless Whisper
Freedom 90
Freedom Reprise

As you can see it was one great night and I loved every minute of it! I met some new friends and got some exercise from dancing my ass off! I stepped out of my box doing this by myself and it was worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was one great birthday present! One I won't forget any time soon.
Now I must go make myself some tea in my new "Faith" mug.

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