Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 - A Review

(I know, I know. I haven't been on here in ages. Would you just accept I've been really busy?)

So, we're at the end of 2009 and all I have to say is life is good. Really good! I've seen so much sadness around me this year and yet here I am...still smiling. How is that possible? Maybe because I know how lucky I am. Don't believe me? Here's the list:

1.I've been hopelessly in love with the same man for the last 17 years....and thankfully he's been hopelessly in love with me too. :) To quote Tom Baxter, "See what I'm trying to say is you make things better. And no matter what the day is with you here it's better."

2. I have two wonderful children who can challenge me daily by everything they say and do.....and that's a good thing. They are my greatest achievements in this life and continue to make me proud to be their "momma".

3. I have three of the bestest girlfriends in the world. Ladies, I love you more than words can say. You're the reason I'm looking forward to turning forty. Five years......Vegas!!!!

4. I have made some wonderful new friends this year. It's amazing what you can find lurking around your neighbourhood. ;)

5. I've joined a book club! (When you're an English major who's been out of school for over 10 years things like a book club is very exciting.)

6.I saw a tonne of movies this year.

7. I read A LOT!!!

8. One (hyphenated) word......Self-esteem. I'm not perfect, but I'm a pretty good catch and it's taken me 35 years to believe that.

9. I love my job.

10. I've somehow become my mother and I'm okay with it. She's not a bad person to be. :)

Anyway, there are so many other reasons for why I am full of happiness this year. Sure, there's been stress, but life is pretty wonderful.

So, my wish for 2010? That I continue to view my world through those rose-coloured glasses. :)

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