Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have always had a distinct memory of being read a specific book in grade one at Lord Roberts Public School. I remember sitting in the library and although I never knew the entire story I knew enough how it went. It was about a boy who went for a sleepover, but didn't want to bring his teddy bear because he was afraid his friend would laugh at him. I know there have been many versions of this specific story, but this one was the original.
Well, for umm 29 years now I have had that story in the back of my head. Here and there trying to search for it, but since I had no title or author I had no luck.
Today, I was at my kids' school library volunteering like I do and there sitting on top of a shelf was "Ira Sleeps Over" by Bernard Waber. The moment I saw it I knew that was the book!!! Obviously I took it out to read it to my kids.
The search is over!!!

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