Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making noise

Here is something that has always fascinated is it possible that boys are born with the ability to make the best sound effects for cars running, chases, guns shooting, swords (and light sabers) fighting, etc? You put a toy car in any female's hands and the sound will pretty much just be a vroom. Males, on the other hand, have the ability to make revving noises, skids...well, you name it! How?! As I am writing this I am listening to my son pretending his Boba Fett is shooting....something and the sound is just like a ray gun (or is it laser gun?) would be.
I pride myself at knowing enough about Superheros, Transformers, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars to have a pretty decent conversation with a group of men, but if they ever asked me to imitate the sound made when Optimus Prime transforms into an 18-wheeler I'd be screwed!

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